about us

our story

The first meeting of UFU members occurred in the early hours of the russian full-scale invasion. A group of sixty versatile, tech-savvy and talented professionals spread across three continents rallied together to help people flee to safety. 

We launched the UFU Platform three days later to offer emergency relief by providing critical information, legal advice, and temporary housing to thousands fleeing Ukraine. Our services and geography evolved and expanded with the needs of displaced individuals and thanks to strong partnerships. 

Several first-mover partners, 150 volunteers, and 200 lawyers were soon joined by the International Rescue Committee, Google.org, Airbnb, Phineo gAG, national and international law firms, Bryter, KrisenChat, Mindly, VOS and other international partners.


Support through critical information. Strengthen through economic empowerment.


Independent, prosperous, sustainable Ukraine.

our values


We trust in the power of united efforts to achieve the most impact. We value teamwork and cultivate a strong partner network to amplify our contributions.


We empower the people of Ukraine to stay resilient. We empower our partners to provide continuous support.


We are fast in developing actionable solutions to address fast changing needs of people we serve and the environments we are in.


We foster environments that provide individual support, regardless of background, identity, or characteristics, ensuring that all individuals feel welcome and valued.