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We’re an international NGO dedicated to building back a better Ukraine for generations to come. Uniting our expertise, network, and passion, we equip the people of Ukraine with vital resources to secure an independent, sustainable and prosperous future. We also support small businesses within Ukraine to foster the country's economic resilience and recovery.

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UFU Platform

Our UFU Platform helps people affected by the war in Ukraine find their way to safety, and adapt to new environments. It covers 16 areas of critical information in 28 countries.

The network of lawyers and call centre agents allowed us to provide individual advice to 200,000 people in more than 40 countries.

UFU Recovery

We’re now leveraging the impact and learnings of our Relief efforts and actively building our capabilities in long-term recovery with our Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Climate Leadership Academy pillars.

Together, these initiatives and the flagship programmes are geared at equipping Ukrainian entrepreneurs, small and micro businesses and individual change-makers with training, resources and funding to rebuild a thriving and forward-looking Ukraine.

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