On December 16, the premiere of the documentary film “Oh, Sister!” took place in Berlin

December 16, 2022

On December 16, the premiere of the documentary film “Oh, Sister!” took place in Berlin. This was the beginning of the worldwide campaign Women Lead, organized by the NGO United for Ukraine in support of women in Ukraine.

The documentary film “Oh, Sister!” is a portrait of Ukrainian women who are confronting the challenges of war with their daily dedication. Brave and ambitious, they have become a pillar in the fight for peace and victory: taking care of their families, volunteering, fundraising, joining the military, and much more.

“Oh, Sister!” was presented at the Berlin State Opera. The screening was followed by a panel discussion between one of the heroines of the movie, Nobel Peace Prize 2022 winner Oleksandra Matviychuk, film director Hannah Kopylova and the German minister for culture Claudia Roth.

Many prominent guests came the occasion of the event, including the Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Oleksii Makeiev. As Oleksii Makeiev commented on the topic of "support": "If a Nobel laureate says that Ukraine needs weapons to protect peace and democracy, then her words should be trusted".

For United for Ukraine, it's about much more than just the film. We want to show the world not only the reality of Ukrainian women, but to help them rebuild their lives and strengthen their potential. We are working a fundraising campaign to support women leaders, activists and entrepreneurs in Ukraine, as a key pillar for Ukrainian recovery.

"Oh Sister!" was commissioned by the Nobel Women's Initiative in cooperation with United for Ukraine, BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt and other partners.

Photos: Dominik Tryba / @introduce.berlin

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