The UFU team joined the World Economic Forum in Davos to put Ukraine in the spotlight

January 21, 2023

A few weeks ago, the UFU team joined the World Economic Forum in Davos to put Ukraine in the spotlight of many discussions and reinforce the need for continuous support amidst the “Ukraine fatigue”. We spoke to leaders and decision-makers from the world of business, media, arts, politics, and philanthropy, shaping their thinking about the importance of this moment of history and their ability to co-shape it by helping Ukraine in all possible ways.

Davos offered an excellent opportunity to find new allies for our mission and get feedback on the unique impact pillars we are developing toward recovery support. Both our Recovery Platform and “Women Lead” initiative received overwhelming encouragement. We will share more information about these initiatives very soon and, in the meantime, work on following up on all conversations to make sure they translate into actionable support.

This week was also a fantastic opportunity to meet other organisations working on helping Ukraine to withstand and win. Through participation in three panels, we connected with Nataliya Kozak Klaverstijn from Impact Force, Yuliia Karnas and Lars Karbe from One Ukraine, Lucas Kuziv, CFA, from Enkidu, Filip Sobiecki from Tech To The Rescue, Alina Nosenko from PHINEO gAG. They all have different angles aimed at supporting Ukrainians in other areas and inspiring a joint effort of civil society with the scale of an impact.

It was incredible to see the overwhelming amount of support the world currently offers Ukrainians. The WEF gave the stage to President Zelenskiy and First Lady Olena Zelenska addresses and dedicated multiple sessions to Ukraine; the Ukraine House is full of foreign guests; The Female Quotient opened their trendy Equality lounge with the panel devoted to Ukraine. These examples and many side events giving the stage to Ukrainian voices gave a strong signal: The free world stands with Ukraine and will intensify efforts to end Russia’s aggression and build post-war Ukraine back better.

As UFU, we are committed to expanding our initiatives and partner networks. Let's ensure that the next time we meet at Davos in 2024, the focal point of discussions about Ukraine will not just be about survival but recovery.

Additionally, read an article of our President Olga Hamama about the event.

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