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Our Emergency Relief Platform provides access to critical information, free legal and housing advice, and other valuable services in over 40 countries.

Russia’s invasion in 2022 forced more than 12 million people of Ukraine to flee the country. Many were forced to seek safety in foreign countries they had no connection with, leaving their homes and loved ones behind.

To help these people, United for Ukraine, together with the International Rescue Committee, with the support of Google.org, Phineo, Airbnb and other partners, created an informational resource that allowed access to real-time comprehensive information,  psychological counseling, as well as legal and housing advice.

The ERP also provides access to employment, education and many other services. They help people with job searches, preparations for job interviews, finding local communities of Ukrainians, and other ways that help them feel more at home, abroad.

To date, the ERP has become a reliable resource of up-to-date information in various areas in over 40 countries. In under a year, it has grown its reach to over 5 million people per month. As the war continues to rage whilst millions are internally displaced, we have now begun creating additional resources to serve people who remain in Ukraine.


People reached in 2022


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second area of our work

Recovery Initiative

We empower micro, small and medium businesses in Ukraine by giving out grants and educational support.

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The crisis caused

by Russia's invasion of Ukraine can only be solved one way: together