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As the war in Ukraine has no end in sight, so is the need for help. As an NGO, to do good we are reliant on donations and partners. We believe every organisation and individual has the power to help.



Support with resources

Big companies - big possibilities. Money, talent or network - everything helps. We are on the constant lookout for new collaborations and strong partnerships to enable us to do more good faster.


Help spread awareness

Use your reach to help us spread awareness! If you are a publisher, a journalist, an influencer, an opinion leader or even a private person - you can help by educating and informing your audience about Ukraine, UFU and our campaigns.


Lend a hand, expertise, and time

Are you a lawyer, a counsellor, a psychologist, a tech professional or simply a caring person willing to help people in need get answers to their burning questions? Bringing your time and talent will help a lot.


Start your fundraiser

We foster environments that provide individual support, regardless of background, identity, or characteristics, ensuring that all individuals feel welcome and valued.

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