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We empower micro, small and medium businesses in Ukraine by giving out grants and educational support.

Revitalise Ukrainian Economy with the UFU Recovery Initiative

Small and micro businesses are crucial to the Ukrainian economy, but are also the most vulnerable during times of war. To provide them with both - immediate support to weather the crisis and long-term assistance to rebuild and thrive in the aftermath - we have launched UFU Recovery Initiative. It combines the power of angel investing with donor funding, offering a unique approach to restart MSME economic growth and drive sustainable economic recovery in Ukraine.

We are raising funds to support Ukrainian SMEs working in the areas of community empowerment, education, creative industries, business and tech with grants and education. Partnering with experienced experts in business development and cross-sectoral relationships on the ground, we bring a wealth of knowledge and a strong network to the table.

Our focus is on supporting female-led initiatives and businesses with a strong commitment to ESG (environmental, social, and governance) principles, innovative solutions and strong potential for widespread social impact. We prioritise ESG capacity building and knowledge transfer to ensure the invested resources have maximum impact.  

Revitalise Ukrainian Economy with the UFU Recovery Initiative

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