UFU's Homecoming initiative stands as a crucial component of the is a vital part of the Ukraine Recovery Platform

January 21, 2024

With the ongoing devastation caused by Russia's armed aggression against Ukraine, as of December 2023, more than 6 million internally displaced persons from Ukraine have been registered worldwide. Despite these daunting circumstances, many maintain a hopeful outlook on returning home, a step integral to Ukraine's recovery. The fourth UNHCR intentions survey, conducted between April and May 2023, revealed that over 60% of Ukrainians aspire to return to their homeland eventually (UNHCR, 2023[13]).

The primary obstacles, however, are the inadequate social infrastructure in the occupied territories and areas experiencing active conflict.At United for Ukraine, we have launched a project to build a network of partners capable of addressing these basic needs upon their return. This includes providing employment assistance, professional development and upskilling, as well as psychological and legal support. Our team is actively engaging with European partners to initiate financial assistance programs, aiming to facilitate a faster and smoother return home. We are committed to the belief that strong partnerships can achieve our shared objectives.

Together, let's support the return of Ukrainians home!

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