Mercy Corps and United For Ukraine Join Efforts to Help Ukrainians Affected by the War

Mercy Corps and United for Ukraine have been responding to the emergency in Ukraine since the beginning of the full-scale invasion in February 2022 by providing emergency assistance to people affected by the war in Ukraine so they can meet their basic survival needs and to refugees to integrate well within hosting countries.

"In close collaboration with the Signpost program – a joint initiative of Mercy Corps and the International Rescue Committee – United for Ukraine built the platform: a pan-European hub for critical information for people affected by the Russian war in Ukraine, that currently covers 28 countries. We are glad to announce that together with Mercy Corps, we are now extending our information emergency relief to internally displaced people inside Ukraine”, - Dana Pavlychko, the CEO of United for Ukraine NGO.

"Mercy Corps is pleased to work in partnership with United for Ukraine to deliver crucial assistance to conflict-affected populations in Ukraine. Timely and accurate information-sharing is a critical component of protecting the most vulnerable groups in a crisis, helping those in need to know where to access legal advice, psychosocial services, housing and other support. In over a dozen countries around the world, Mercy Corps works through local partners like United for Ukraine to ensure that information programs are personalized to meet the needs of communities. We look forward to an impactful partnership through which over half a million people will be reached with assistance,” - Cara Buck, Mercy Corps Ukraine Response Director.

The partnership, established by United for Ukraine and Mercy Corps at the beginning of 2023, will be ongoing throughout the year. The people of Ukraine will have a reliable source of valuable information regarding critical issues such as the status of internally displaced persons, financial support, free assistance, employment, education, healthcare, and more.  

The Ukraine-related content can be easily found in the designated part of the United for Ukraine platform, featuring the above mentioned info and important news. In addition, a lot of practical information, tips and daily updates will be posted via United for Ukraine’s social media platforms. All are welcome to share these resources with people in need. 

About United for Ukraine (UFU)

United For Ukraine (UFU) is an NGO that offers crucial assistance to refugees from Ukraine across 28 countries by providing them with essential information, free legal guidance, and accommodation. The organization is now broadening its scope by supporting small businesses in Ukraine, with the aim of strengthening economic resilience and the country's ability to bounce back and thrive.

About Mercy Corps

Mercy Corps is a global team of humanitarians working together on the front lines of today’s biggest crises to create a future of possibility, where everyone can prosper. We have been responding in Ukraine since the full-scale invasion in February 2022. We provide emergency assistance to refugees in neighboring countries and people displaced inside Ukraine so they can meet their basic survival needs. We also fund local organizations that know their community best and are working quickly to address their most urgent needs.

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