women lead

Fundraising campaign to uplift women of Ukraine.

Women Lead is inspired by a documentary about the struggle of women in Ukraine in the middle of the ongoing Russian invasion.

The women of Ukraine are overcoming extraordinary challenges every day. We are raising EUR 800,000 to support female leaders, activists and entrepreneurs. Donate now to join our campaign and make a difference in their lives.

Oh, Sister! was co-commissioned by United for Ukraine with the Nobel Women Initiative and other partners. It tells stories of the perseverance, dedication and bravery of Ukrainian women.

Women Lead is raising EUR 800,000 to support women in Ukraine on their path to opportunity, recovery and prosperity. Our female-led initiatives focus on:

Entrepreneurship and education
Culture and social projects
Increasing access to financing

Your donation creates a brighter future for the women of Ukraine by supporting their growth as entrepreneurs, activists and creatives. Each donation empowers us to do more good.

make an impact

The crisis caused

by Russia's invasion of Ukraine can only be solved one way:


Next Project

Emergency Relief Platform

Our Emergency Relief Platform helps people affected by the war in Ukraine find their way to safety, and adapt to new environments. It covers 16 areas of critical information in 28 countries.

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