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Introducing Dana Pavlychko, the new CEO of United for Ukraine

October 3, 2022

During the past 7 months, the organizational processes of the UFU were managed by co-founders Olga Hamama and Nina Levchuk. Already two days after the full-scale invasion, a group of 60 volunteers in the core team launched the UFU platform to help Ukrainians who left for Europe. Rapidly, the initiative turned into a structured volunteer organization. Together with Olga and Nina, UFU engaged international partners and brought together leaders of large technology companies, lawyers, representatives of corporate business and non-governmental organizations.

The organization is growing and developing rapidly, so, naturally, there was a need to build a sustainable long-lasting organisational structure. We are pleased to announce that as a major step towards further development UFU, Dana Pavlychko, a top professional and Ukrainian thought leader, will now hold the position of CEO.

Dana holds a master's degree in public policy at King's College London, is a member of the Selection Committee of the United World College Ukraine and a member of The Aspen Institute Kyiv. In addition, Dana owns Osnovy Publishing, one of the leading publishing houses in Ukraine.

We are thrilled to welcome Dana and looking forward to a joint successful future!

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United for Ukraine Platform has been chosen as one of the top 50 finalists for the prestigious 2023 SXSW Innovation Awards

February 22, 2023
Our platform was created with the support of the International Rescue Committee and has been selected for the Social Impact category, highlighting projects that empower underserved communities globally.