UFU celebrates the resolution of 7,000 legal cases for the displaced people of Ukraine

June 26, 2023

Since its inception in the first days of the Russian invasion in Ukraine, United for Ukraine (UFU) has been a beacon of support for displaced individuals. Offering critical information covering a range of topics from legal status to housing and financial assistance across 28 countries, we have provided over 47,000 pieces of individual advice to those affected by the war. Most of inquiries are usually quite easy to respond by the members of our team. However, some inquiries are particularly intricate and require comprehensive review by legal professionals. 

Today, we proudly announce a milestone in providing comprehensive legal advice and services to over 7,000 individuals and their families. This remarkable achievement has been made possible through UFU’s powerful network of international law firms, refugee law clinics, their pro bono lawyers, and the invaluable tech support provided by BRYTER, a leading no-code service automation platform.

Since May 2022, we've been using a special Legal Support Tool developed by BRYTER and United For Ukraine. This tool has helped us link up nearly 400 volunteer lawyers and refugee law clinics from 34 different countries with people who really needed legal help. In partnership with esteemed law firms such as McDermott, Will & Emery; DLA Piper; Hogan LovellsLinklaters Warsaw; Morgan Lewis; Queritius; ; Stoica Association; LindenPartners; Hyazinth; PCS Legal, AKKG Gruszka Kidawa, Refugee Law Clinics Deutschland, Ukrainian Bar Association and others, we've successfully addressed complex legal inquiries. Our impactful assistance ranges from helping a Ukrainian mother and her third-country citizen children secure temporary protection in Poland, to aiding a pregnant woman in clarifying her employment rights in Germany or advising a family in obtaining collective protection in Norway.

Polina Lehmann, the head of UFU's legal department, underscores these accomplishments: "Our tireless team and amazing partners have enabled us to provide crucial assistance to over 7,000 people of Ukraine facing complex legal issues. However, the need for support is ongoing and still high. We extend our deepest gratitude to our partners and call for more support to join this vital cause.”

Today's milestone of 7,000 complex cases resolved underscores the power of collaboration, innovation, and empathy in making a lasting difference. It stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to support the people of Ukraine and serves as a beacon of hope amid ongoing adversity. As we celebrate this achievement, we reaffirm our dedication to the valuable work that remains ahead.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to our wonderful legal partners Alesya Pavlynska, Alexandru-Laurențiu Mihai, Aleksander Dżuryło, Anna Kalinichenko, Chantal Herberstein, Cristiana Irinel Stoica, Dr. Deniz Tschammler, Dora Horvat, Dorothea Zimny, Elena Platte, Elena Turtureanu, Elise Foss, Gabriela Bodnărescu, Dr. Gudrun Germakowski, Julia Sontheimer, Julie Steinnes, Kateryna Ilechko, Krzysztof Gruszka, Maria Łabno, Maria Stempel, Marina Kapustina, Marina Skarbek-Kozietulska, Mari Sun, Dr. Maximilian Grubert, Melissa Dahl, Michael Grupp, Michael Jean Kummermehr, Mike Fecke, Olga Boguslavski, Oriane Lafargue, Seréyo Bekkink, Sorin Dolea, Tea Vuletin, Torsten Schwarze

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