Join the UFU Emergency Fundraiser to Aid those Affected by the Kakhovka Dam Breach

June 10, 2023

[Update from 08.08.2023: Our fundraiser is closed and all the funds have been transferred equally to the designated organisations. We thank everyone who contributed for your support and generosity.]

The recent breach of the Nova Kakhovka dam, controlled by Russia, on June 6 has left Ukraine reeling from the devastating impact. Torrents of water unleashed by the breach have wreaked havoc on communities, flooding over 584,000 hectares of farmland, affecting over 40.000 people and exacerbating Ukraine's environmental damage, estimated at over $50 billion.

In light of this immense tragedy, United For Ukraine keeps supporting people in affected areas with critical information through our information platform. However, we recognize that there is more to be done.

Today, we announce the launch of a fundraising campaign to extend our support even further. We have identified two organisations that currently lead rescue operations on the ground and we will ensure that 100% of the funds raised will be channelled directly to these causes:

  • Rescue Now are at the frontline of humanitarian response evacuating people, providing humanitarian aid and psychosocial support to the affected individuals.

  • UAnimals undertake rescue operations, providing medical care and safe havens for injured and displaced animals, ensuring their well-being during these challenging times.

Your generosity, regardless of the amount, will bring hope and relief to the people and animals of Ukraine. We thank you in advance and will keep you updated on the progress of this campaign.

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