United for Ukraine Renews the Free Housing Program to Assist Displaced Individuals from Ukraine

October 11, 2023

Since 24 February 2022, our collaborative effort has facilitated the provision of temporary accommodation to over 12,000 individuals displaced from Ukraine in the wake of the Russian invasion. This initiative has enabled these individuals to find a secure place to stay, easing their transition into an unfamiliar environment. With immense gratitude to our partners, Airbnb.org and PHINEO, we are renewing the Housing program to persist in offering temporary accommodation across Europe. 

Eligibility for Temporary Housing

From today until the 31st of December 2023, the housing initiative is available to:

  • Those evacuating from front zones, occupied and de-occupied territories, or due to ongoing military actions, including airstrikes.
  • Children and their guardians departing Ukraine for medical reasons.
  • Soldiers, veterans, and their families leaving Ukraine for medical treatment.
  • Emergencies involving refugees outside Ukraine, such as sudden medical treatments needed abroad.

The accommodation is granted for the period of 7-30 days. 

*It is required for application to be a Ukrainian citizen or a foreign national possessing an active Ukrainian residence permit.

* The temporary accommodation is only available outside of Ukraine. 

* This accommodation is solely for individuals who have not availed of the UFU housing services in the past. All applications are reviewed promptly with a priority focus on individuals from occupied territories.

How to apply for free accommodation in Europe?

To apply for free temporary housing in Europe, visit the United For Ukraine platform and navigate to the "Find temporary housing" section to complete the housing application. The program is valid until 31st of December 2023, nevertheless, to ensure the possibility of free housing, kindly submit your applications as soon as possible. When applying, please provide details on the beneficiaries, desired location, and the duration of the stay (up to 30 days). 

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